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St. Thomas Aquinas Gym Floor-

Summer Project - redesign and paint gym floor.

Design work was done by Scott Suleski with Mr. Quinn and Mr. Leary. 

Painting was done by Jason and Ross.

Basketball court lines were masked and painted in a darker blue.

Patterns were made for letters and logos.              The volleyball lines were redone in brighter red.

After the paint had dried for a day the masking was pulled up.

Patterns were put down for "SAINTS" at one end of the gym and "ST. THOMAS AQUINAS at the other.

After the blue dried the masking was peeled up to paint a shadow.  Yellow was used as a base coat.

Then the Gold was applied over the yellow.

Some parts are rolled and some of the more delicate jobs are hand painted.

After everything dried the masking was removed.

The center court logo was redesigned

A full size paper pattern was made of half the design and it was flipped after masking.

The blue was painted, then the yellow and finally the gold.  Lines were left to designate the circle.

The finished logo before clear coat     After clear coat

The Saints logos were redone:

The original logo.                                          A paper pattern was used to mask.

Areas that weren't covered were marked for sanding.  Blue was painted after sanding.

A pattern was applied and the first color of the two tone gold shadow was rolled on.

The masking was removed and the second color of the two tone gold was applied.

Before the clear coat.                                                After the clear coat.

Agility Ladders for speed drills were painted along the side:

The ladders were painted along the side where they will be covered when the bleachers are out.

Before clear coat.                                              After clear coat.

The old white "X" for substitution was changed to a gold fleur de lis




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