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Banners for St. Thomas Aquinas 50th Anniversary Celebration

St. Thomas Aquinas High School  -  Dover, NH

One Banner bracket is installed on the north corner of the building.
Installation of Building Banner Brackets

Crews used a 2-man working platform with a 55' reach to install the custom Banner Brackets

Building Banner bracket installation

Brackets are installed using an epoxy weld system to hold the hardware in place.

Hanging Banner on Bracket

After the epoxy dries the banner is installed on the top bracket and then tightened using the bottom tension bar.
These banner brackets are custom made and welded from our design.

Installation of brackets on south corner

Two Banner Brackets are installed on the south corner of the building.

installation of bracket

The 2 Man work platform with remote controls makes the job very easy.

Crews install lower bracket arm

Crews install banner on bracket  Banner is tightened from bottom bracket

Lower Bracket tension bar

Workers tighten the bottom tension bar

Painting the mounting bolts

Mounting bolts are painted after final inspection.

Checking bolts before painting

Tightening final banner

STA 50th building banners south corner

Photo of finished project 15 minutes before school release.

STA 50th North Banner

Photos taken at dusk.

STA 50th building banners at dusk

The bracket system will allow for the school to change banners throughout the coming years.




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