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Dimensional letters
are available in Cast Aluminum, Cast Bronze, Cut Aluminum plate, Cut Brass or Copper plate,  Cut Stainless Steel, Cut Plexiglas, and Vacuum Formed Plastic letters.  Letters can also be fabricated out of Stainless Steel or Aluminum Painted to give a deeper dimensional effect.

Cast Aluminum and Bronze Letters can give you the thickness that is more economical than cut plate letters.  However Cast Type Styles are limited.  Cut plate letters can be done in any type face or logo.

Following letters are 3'0" tall and 4" deep fabricated Aluminum.
Painted white face and Dartmouth green returns (Edges)

Letters installed on Dartmouth College's Floren varsity house facing the football stadium.

For more shots of this install click here

Black painted aluminum letters above entrance to Floren Varsity House.

Boston Universities 580 Commonwealth Avenue Graduates Student Housing.

Cast Bronze with blackened edges.

Cast Letters installed at Dartmouth College - Whittemore Hall

Cast Bronze letters with a patina finish to match natural weathering copper flashing on building.

Cast Bronze letters in the McCormack Courtyard with patina finish.

Cast Aluminum letters with black baked enamel finish at Murdough Hall's new entrance off McCormack courtyard.

(The white tent is set up for the dedication)

Elder Service Plan of the North Shore
Moulded Plastic Letters at 37 Friend Street in Lynn, MA




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