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Dartmouth College Athletics
        Performance Rating Board


We met with Donnie Brooks, Assistant Athletics Director for Peak Performance, and Bob Miller, The Holekamp Family Strength and Conditioning Coach, to create a wall plaque that would encourage competition between student athletes and entire teams as they conditioned for their sports.

Located in the Floren Varsity House on the Dartmouth campus.

  Dartmouth College Weight Room

Dartmouth College PP2 logo sign

Dartmouth College Athletic Performance Rating Board

The first layouts used different boards for each exercise and point system.

Dartmouth College Performace Rating proof 1

Dartmouth College Performance boards proof 1

The second set of proofs worked to get the information on one board.

Dartmouth College Performace board proof 2

The final proof chose the green background color and added all the individual top fives for each exercise.

Dartmouth College Athletic Performace Rating final proof

Donnie Brooks with new Performance Ratings board
Donnie Brooks with new DP2 Athletic Performance Rating board

Close up of board:

Dartmouth College Athletic Performance Rating board

Dartmouth College Athletic Performance Rating board  Dartmouth College Athletic Performance Rating board

Dartmouth College can print the names of the athletes and they slide into the holders behind
non-glare clear acrylic lenses.  This gives the college control of updates as soon as they happen.
The holders are also mounted to the board using Velcro allowing for easy changes.


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