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Boston University - Crew/Rowing Plaques and Lettering.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY Men's Crew & Women's Rowing

Lettering for Skull boats

Boston University Boat Lettering  Boston University Boat Lettering

BOSTON UNIVERSITY Men's Crew - Wall of Honor

BU Rowing Wall of Honor

Raised white letters on red background with raised black panels and engraved chrome plates.  Raised hand carved oars.

BU Rowing plaque close up  BU Rowing plaque plates

Engraved chrome donor plaques.

BU Crew Plaque

Lettering on BU practice tanks.

BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks

BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks  BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks

Because of the docks with mirrors on them some areas had to be lettered from in the water.

BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks

BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks

 BU Rowing/Crew practice tanks





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